Lunar New Year Special

Welcome in a prosperous and auspicious Year of the Ox at Sergeant Lok!

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, our chefs are bringing a new year staple to the sarge. 

Introducing the Rainbow Prosperity (or "Lo Hei"). This delicious Malaysian-Cantonese dish packs a beautiful flavour punch - it's sweet, tangy, savoury and crunchy, all in one bite. 

Lo Hei has fresh fish as its featured ingredient because it is especially auspicious. Fish in Chinese is a homophone and thus a symbol of "abundance". Sergeant Lok’s twist uses a Chili Garlic Yuzu dressing, poured over an vibrant mix of red cabbage, red onion, radish, fish roe, fried shredded sweet potato, fried shredded potato, fried wanton skin, cucumber – a scrumptious combination of flavours and textures to perfectly compliment the heroes: Kingfish and Salmon sashimi.

Part of the joy of Lo Hei is the tossing of the salad itself. Everyone is invited to grab their chopsticks to mix the ingredients together while saying auspicious wishes for the new year. 
It is believed that the height of the toss reflects the height of the diners' growth in fortunes, so don't hold back and get messy!

Our Rainbow Prosperity is available for a limited time only for a special price of $38 for two. Larger portions are available on request. 

Book your table today to try this beautiful dish and supercharge your Year of the Ox with good luck!

Lo Hei | Rainbow Prosperity | Sergeant Lok | Lunar New Year 2021

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